Partner: Larchmere District


Larchmere District

Upbeat Vitality, Offbeat Charm.

The Larchmere District starts at East 120th Street and extends east to North Moreland – one block north of  Shaker Square, and is home to rich arts and culture, local businesses, and more!

The district also hosts annual events like the Holiday Stroll, Larchmere Festival, and the PorchFest and is a great partner destination to the Square.

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Partner: Shaker Square Area Development Corporation


Shaker Square Area Development Corporation (SHAD)

Serving the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods of Buckeye & Shaker Square.

Shaker Square Area Development Corporation’s mission is to provide the people and businesses of the Shaker Square area with the leadership and action needed to foster well-maintained, economically strong neighborhoods.

SHAD’s focus is on advocacy of Shaker Square and its adjacent neighborhoods, and communication. You can learn more about their impact in the SHAD Connection, a quarterly award-winning newspaper,  featuring news about Shaker Square and its communities.

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Profile: Scott Kim, Owner of SASA


Profile: Scott Kim, Owner of SASA

Fine Japanese cuisine at Shaker Square

Shaker Square has long been known to attract diners from across Greater Cleveland to its range of fine dining and internationally-inspired restaurants. One such restaurant is SASA, which became Cleveland’s first Japanese Izakaya restaurant when it opened its doors at Shaker Square in 2007.

SASA owner and chef Scott Kim takes pride in more than just being the chef of a highly regarded Asian bistro, as being a sought after community destination at Shaker Square comes with great importance to him as well.

“Lots of chefs can cook, but not all of them are a part of the community,” Scott said of his bistro’s deep ties to not only his customers but also to many families in the surrounding community. He and his wife Brenda make it a point to get to know the individuals and families who regularly dine at SASA.

Scott and his wife Brenda take pride in owning their business on Shaker Square, a destination the Kims refer to as a “backbone of Cleveland’s retail scene” and a place where all tenants and visitors benefit from the range of amenities offered here. 

In addition to Japanese cuisine, you can enjoy handcrafted cocktails, sake, and craft beer. You can check out SASA’s full menu and plan your visit below. 

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Profile: Courtney Laves-Mearini, Owner of Cleveland City Dance


Profile: Courtney Laves-Mearini, Owner of Cleveland City Dance

Something for everyone: Cleveland City Dance has been a regional draw to Shaker Square since 2008

Whether you’re three or 83, Cleveland City Dance has something for you. A staple in the Greater Cleveland area since its founding in 1965, it’s the region’s premier dance school offering a variety of classes for children, teenagers, and adults.

Owner Courtney Laves-Mearini moved this esteemed dance school to Shaker Square in 2008, and she’s worked to double her student population since then.

As a longtime neighborhood resident and business owner, Courtney appreciates what the Square offers without having to get in a car: “if I need something I can walk to the grocery store, there are restaurants to eat at, there’s music on the weekends.”

“Shaker Square has the feeling of a downtown but it’s smaller,” she added. “There’s a lot of potential here, we just need to bring it all together and make sure people know about it.”

Notably, Cleveland City Dance is the resident home of the City Ballet of Cleveland, providing students with the opportunity to audition for this pre-professional ballet company. 

Program offerings include ballet, boys ballet, jazz, modern, tap, hip-hop, and adult classes and conditioning. 

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Profile: Elina Kreymerman, Owner of Shaker Square Dry Cleaning & Tailoring


Profile: Elina Kreymerman, Owner of Shaker Square Dry Cleaning & Tailoring

Three decades of dedicated customer service

2024 marks 30 years of serving customers at Shaker Square for Elina Kreymerman. Just two years after immigrating here from Ukraine in 1992, Elina opened Shaker Square Dry Cleaning & Tailoring in 1994.

With her business continuing to run strong three decades later, today Elina is the longest-tenured business owner on Shaker Square. Elina credits the neighborhoods surrounding Shaker Square, and the loyal customer relationships she has forged, for making her success possible, especially amid the challenges posed to businesses in recent years.

“Shaker Square is a great place,” Elina shares. “A lot of businesses like ours did not survive the pandemic, but we have very loyal customers around here. We know our customers, we know their children, we even know their dogs! We’re a local business that serves our local community.”

If you speak to customers who frequent Shaker Square Dry Cleaning & Tailoring, you’ll soon realize the quality of service and attention to detail the business offers. Some customers from a few towns over even opt to drive past closer dry cleaners to drop their clothes off at Elina’s business.

The next time you’re looking for dry cleaning, tailoring, or altercations, look no further than this neighborhood icon to meet your needs.

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Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and Burten Bell Carr announce Agency Landscape + Planning to lead public visioning process.


Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and Burten Bell Carr announce Agency Landscape + Planning to lead public visioning process.

Last year, Shaker Square’s ownership team – the local nonprofits Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. – issued an RFP seeking firms to guide a community visioning process for the future of Shaker Square. They also recruited a steering committee that included resident leaders from the adjacent neighborhoods, civic leaders from institutional partners, representation from the City of Cleveland, and subject-matter experts.


Over the last several months, the steering committee and members of the Shaker Square ownership team reviewed multiple proposals, advanced and interviewed several firms, and finalized the selection of the firm Agency Landscape + Planning to lead this important project.


Agency is a women-owned, small business and certified DBE/WBE practice dedicated to addressing social equity, cultural vitality, and environmental resilience through design excellence, strategic planning, and community engagement. Co-founders Brie Hensold, who grew up in walking distance to Shaker Square, and Gina Ford have worked together for nearly two decades on projects including the planning and design of commercial hearts in Portland, Boston, Raleigh, and Detroit.


“We believe that Shaker Square is a significant landmark broadly and a treasure to those close by,” said Brie Hensold when asked about Agency’s interest in the project. “We believe that a commitment to a sustainable and enduring vision can unlock Shaker Square’s latent potential. The future of Shaker Square must be driven by purpose and consensus. And we believe that this effort needs a visionary, yet realistic roadmap for inclusive success.”


Tania Menesse, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, which led the effort to save Shaker Square by purchasing it before foreclosure, also expressed excitement about engaging the Greater Buckeye community in the future of Shaker Square: “The visioning process will create a blueprint for the future of Shaker Square. Building off the public space planning process from 2018, Agency will ensure that the vision the community has for Shaker Square has a merchandise mix plan that works for the Square and complements Buckeye and Larchmere. It will ensure that the public space lifts up the retail and that the Square presents opportunities for the entire community to find themselves in Shaker Square.”


For this visioning project at Shaker Square, Agency will partner with Cleveland-based urban design and engagement consultancy Seventh Hill and retail leasing and place management experts Streetsense, who also led Downtown Cleveland’s recent retail strategy. Agency’s project manager Allen Penniman brings recent experience implementing retail and neighborhood revitalization strategies in Detroit. Together, this joint partnership is thrilled by the opportunity to support Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc., in their efforts to reposition Shaker Square for a long-term, sustainable future. This work speaks to the team’s collective passion for an age of equitable city change, our abilities as a diverse team of experts, our belief in community-driven planning, and our approach to design with grounded and actionable outcomes.

“This visioning process will allow residents, business owners, and other stakeholders an opportunity to engage with each other for the common good of the Shaker Square community and the value the property brings to the neighborhood,” shared Briana Perry, the President of New Village Corporation, which leads the Shaker Square ownership team. “I am most excited to see the engagement and recommendations around a merchandising mix, programming, and youth engagement.”


Joy Johnson, Executive Director of Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc., also noted that “This was a rigorous selection process led by a steering committee of community residents and project stakeholders. The visioning project will be the place for everyone to share their thoughts, ideas, suggestions, leads, hopes, and dreams for Shaker Square.” She added, “With Agency, Streetsense, and Seventh Hill, I believe the steering committee has selected the right team to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard.”

The steering committee that selected Agency will continue to be involved throughout the community visioning process, and they will meet with the Agency team regularly to guide the plan and community engagement in it.

Shaker Square’s rescuers ready to pivot from urgent repairs to pursuing new vision for a Cleveland landmark


Shaker Square’s rescuers ready to pivot from urgent repairs to pursuing new vision for a Cleveland landmark.

By Steven Litt,

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Merchants at the nearly century-old Shaker Square shopping center on Cleveland’s East Side can be a tough audience.

They’re impatient for change more than three years after the historic property fell into foreclosure in late 2020, jeopardizing a regional landmark and a retail anchor as important to the city as the West Side Market.

It took nearly another two years before Cleveland City Council voted in 2022 to spend $12 million to enable a pair of local nonprofit community development agencies to buy the troubled property from creditors and carry out a 21st century reboot.

Since then, the nonprofits Cleveland Neighborhood Progress (CNP) and Burten Bell Carr Development, Inc., (BBC) have raised and nearly spent $5.25 million on urgently needed repairs.

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Multi-million dollar Shaker Square makeover


Multi-million dollar Shaker Square makeover

Channel 19’s Katie Tercek came to Shaker Square to speak with tenants, visitors, and Cleveland Neighborhood Progress’ Tania Menesse about the work underway to improve this historic destination.

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and Burten Bell Carr Inc. took over ownership of Shaker Square in August 2022. “To bring Buckeye, Shaker Square, and Larchmere together to support this community is what we’re working to do,” Mensesse told Channel 19.

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Shaker Square owners host summer party Saturday


Shaker Square owners host summer party Saturday

In the midst of restoring buildings, grounds and streets around historic Shaker Square, the nonprofit ownership on Saturday (Aug. 19) will celebrate the one-year anniversary of acquiring the landmark commercial and transportation hub.

Running from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., this year’s third and final monthly installment of “Summer on the Square” features an “Art, Community and Anniversary” theme, along with a young foodie attraction that is certain to be a big draw as well.

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Shaker Square owners consolidate property management services


Shaker Square owners consolidate property management services

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and Burten, Bell, Carr Development Inc., the owners of Shaker Square, have consolidated property management and leasing services with FASS Real Estate Services (FASS). Effective August 4, 2023, this move will ensure that Shaker Square tenants, store patrons, and visitors continue to benefit from quality services and activities.

This marks a smooth transition of property management service from CRESCO Real Estate to FASS, a boutique real estate brokerage firm specializing in property management, real estate sales and leasing, real estate consulting, and commercial real estate and development. FASS’ corporate offices are located at 3705 Lee Rd, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120.

FASS has provided leasing services for the Square since August 2022. FASS is a minority certified and led firm. The team is led by Akil Hameed, Broker/Owner of FASS Real Estate Services. The FASS team is committed to working with each of Shaker Square’s tenants to make this historic destination the place to be in Cleveland.

Over a year-long partnership with CRESCO leading up to this transition, critical work around the Square got underway regarding maintenance, repair, and addressing safety requests from tenants and customers. During this time, a capital needs assessment was completed that outlines the Square’s infrastructure priorities, including roofing, carpentry, windows, landscaping, HVAC, electrical, and other needs. With this capital needs assessment in hand, CNP, BBC, and FASS are moving forward with a strategic plan for investing in and improving Shaker Square for tenants, customers, and residents.

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